Mysore Marriages of Kerala: A Study on the issues and concerns of deserted women


  • Muhammed Jabir M.M 1Research Scholar, Delhi School of Social Work, University of Delhi, Delhi-110007.


Marriage, Mysore Marriage, Deserted Women, Issues and Concern, Coping Strategies


This paper explores the issues and concerns of deserted women in Mysore marriages of Kerala. The deserted women; a group of women who were abandoned or left out by their husbands and have returned back to natal home in Kerala from their marital home in Mysore district of Karnataka state. There are various media and survey reports which show the traumatic life situation of the victims without having proper resources for their livelihood and maintenance of daily needs. The children left out with them are another story of deprivation and poverty in these marriages. The parental families are also poor and not in a position to look after them and providing adequate help. The government of Kerala has not given proper attention and taken action on the problems of this section. Not much of research work has been attempted on Mysore marriages and its impact on the deserted women. This paper aims to highlight consequences of Mysore Marriages in the lives of the deserted women and children. It also explores issues of factors which lead to leave the marital home, Problems they have faced in marital home and after, coping mechanism of these women after return to natal home.







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Mysore Marriages of Kerala: A Study on the issues and concerns of deserted women. (2023). Journal of Social Work Education and Practice, 2(2), 41-52.