A Study on Mental Health Status of Elderly Destitute Women in Mysore.


  • Noor Mubasheer C. A. Head, Department of Social Work, St. Philomena’s College, Mysore, India.


Mental Health, Destitute, Elderly women


The Discarded by families or wandering further and further away from home, their real selves are lost or submerged under layers of dirt and negligence the life of the destitute becomes really worse and miserable. Mental health is recognized globally as being of enormous social and public health importance. Mental health problems currently are said to constitute about eight percent of the global burden of disease and more than 15 percent of adults in developing societies are estimated to suffer from mental illness. The aim of the study was to analyze the mental health status of the destitute. The study was descriptive in nature. The convenient sampling method is adopted and 60 respondents were the sample for the study. The interview schedule is the tool adopted for the study and the data analysis done SPSS 20 version. Out of 60 samples, 39 were destitute who were in destitute homes and 21 who were found on pavements and nearby temples. Results are discussed.







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