An Analysis on Public's Perception of Social Work


  • Deepthi B. Research Scholar, HICAS, Coimbatore, India.


Social Work, Social Worker, Profession, Public, Perception


This article primarily focuses on the public’s perception of social work amongst the ordinary people of Coimbatore, Tamilnadu. In this article, the ordinary peoples view on the educational qualification needed to be a social worker, gender preference of social worker, tasks and areas of practice of social work and Perceptions on registration and educational requirements are addressed. This study has looked at how the public perceives social workers and the profession of social work. This study reports results of a survey in which 30 members of the public in Coimbatore were asked about their beliefs and impressions about social work and social workers. Study findings demonstrate that members of the public surveyed appeared relatively less informed about what social workers do, and were not clear about social work profession in their views. The goal of this research is to tell social workers about how to best address misconceptions about the profession.







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An Analysis on Public’s Perception of Social Work. (2023). Journal of Social Work Education and Practice, 3(2), 75-78.