Models of disability and the people with disabilities in Bangladesh: A review​


  • Muhammed Muazzam Hussain​ Professor, Department of Social Work, Shahjalal University of Science and Technology, Bangladesh


Models of disability, people with disability, Bangladesh


The paper aims to review the different disability models and evaluates government policies and legislation undertaken for improving the living condition of people with disabilities (PWD) in Bangladesh. This paper is based on secondary sources of data, i.e. government, non-government organization's study report, policy documents, journal articles, statistical reports, and research findings were consulted to collect data and construct the paper. The paper outlined some key policies and legislation already adopted by the government of Bangladesh for the betterment of PWD with limitations. The paper identifies significant social and structural barriers that Bangladeshi PWD in face in their typical daily lives includes poverty and deprivation, low level of education, employment and wage discrimination, health care and treatment, social security measures, social stigma and community attitude, housing, transportation, water and sanitation issues, gender disparity and oppression. Therefore, some critical policy implications are pointed out for breaking down those social and structural barriers.







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Models of disability and the people with disabilities in Bangladesh: A review​ . (2023). Journal of Social Work Education and Practice, 5(1), 12-21.